Casting moulds and craft in Nordic design!

My name is Cattis Steffensen, and I started former•nu in 2005 as a craftsperson, since when I have designed hundreds of concrete objects and manufactured thousands. The professional creation of concrete design objects is above all about intelligent moulds. It must be quick and easy to achieve uniform high quality.

I now focus on making it easy for others to be creative with concrete. I design casting moulds and offer them my knowledge. My practical, smooth moulds give you a fantastic surface and neat edges. But I save the fun part of the job for you – decorating and giving each object a personalised character. The best thing is that you can reuse and vary the moulds endlessly.

Each mould is accompanied by free tips and tricks, and you can also watch our demo videos. Ten years and 100 tonnes of concrete wiser, I have now written a book: “A concrete cookery book”.

The video on the left shows the kind of objects I create in my studio. I also offer concrete courses here!

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