Concrete Classes for everyone!

Do you want to treat yourself to a great weekend with creativity - choose a THEME COURSE.
For Companies and friends it might be better with a GROUP BOOKING. Then we can arrange and agree on dates and content.
Concrete Casting has really become something that interests most people, at least ing Sweden:) Men and women and of all ages. In my studio, it's easy to be creative - here are all the tools, materials, tons of concrete sacks and sig practical casting benches. And it doesn´t matter if it rains:)))

Group Bookings

The groups can be between 7-20 people. I will propose a quote according to your wishes.
Here is an example: 3 hours on "Casting Day" & 2 hours on "Removing Day". You cast a table top, a bird bath, a pot, a candle holder and some smaller things. We use ready-made moulds, those sold on the webshop, and we decorate with patterns and mosaics. Read more under BOOK CONCRETE COURSE

TIMES: Two dates, as agreed

PRICE: Ask for a quotation 

Weekend courses 


We explore concrete worktops in more detail, including how to obtain a perfect, tough finish. In addition to the theme, there will be time for your own ideas and objects, which are described under “Make your own moulds”. Read more on each course under BOOK CONCRETE COURSE.


There are many different materials and ways of making moulds. We manufacture our own moulds from plastic sheet and polystyrene foam. Worktops, candlesticks and letters – there are a wide variety of opportunities. Read more on each course under BOOK CONCRETE COURSE


The concrete nature and gravity becomes a nice contrast to the fine detail and delicate materials. Glass and metal gives concrete new features. We design and cast up a lamp stand, a wine glass on the concrete base, a hook board for jewelry or keys, garden decoration of rebars and we transfer an image onto concrete.

WHERE: In my large concrete studio (130 m2) in Mölnlycke, Sweden.

TIMES: Saturday 9-17, Sunday 11-15

PRICE: SEK 1,600 

WHAT IS INCLUDED: All the concrete you need – and that’s usually quite a lot! The big concrete mixer does the heavy work so that you can focus on casting. 
The materials for your THEME are included, plus a variety of objects to cast in, decorate with and create your own moulds from.
Tasty lunch and coffee break on Saturday. 
Sandwich buffet on Sunday. Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies.

Course size – normally 10 participants. The concrete can be unmoulded the next day thanks to additives which speed up the process. Be inspired and impressed by each other’s work!

The newly designed plastic moulds sold on the web shop are not included in the course fee. However, you can borrow second-hand moulds on the August course.  Moulds and add-ons are available during the course at a 10% discount.

COURSE LEADER: Cattis Steffensen

I have transformed around 100 tonnes of concrete into decorative objects in my 130 m2 studio since 2005. In recent years I have focused more on inspiring others and translating professional level concrete knowledge to hobby level. This has resulted in a collection of casting moulds, add-ons and a book: “The concrete cookery book”.



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